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MMA Flashback logoAt the time of writing, UFC 200 is fast approaching. The sport of MMA is barely recognisable from the spectacle that was UFC I, back in 1993. You don’t have to have watched all of the previous events from all the major MMA promotions to understand the sport, or to appreciate the evolution of the sport. You might wish you had the time and money to sit down and watch every event from history. Well, I have neither, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

I’ll be starting at ‘The Beginning’ (UFC I), work my way through the UFC events chronologically, then as other promotions like Pride and WEC launch, add those in, watching the sport develop, see the fighters move from one promotion to another and see MMA transition from the brutal ‘No Holds Barred’ early years, through its codifying infancy and into the highly professional modern game we see today.

I will rate the events in terms of entertainment value, quality of fights, historic significance, etc. My commentary will sometimes attempt a bit of humour and may be a little irreverent in places. However, don’t mistake my attempts at light hearted banter as disrespect for the fighters. I have the utmost respect for ANY man or woman that steps into the cage/ring and puts it on the line for our entertainment. Very easy to critisise from the arm chair, but we should always remember, “those that can; fight…those that can’t; blog.”

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So, MMA fans, here we go…