Ultimate Fight Night – Hunt vs Mir – Results


20th March Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia

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Here’s how I got on with my bets for Ultimate Fight Night – Hunt vs Mir. All odds quoted were from Paddy Power.

As a reminder, I stuck to the main card for my betting and went for a double on outsiders Bosse and Kelly, followed by a treble on favourites Matthews, Magny and Hunt.

Bec Rawlins vs Seohee Ham

Me and one of the judges both scored this 29-28 Rawlins and the other two judges gave her all three rounds. It was as close as expected and I’m glad I left it out of the bet.

James Te-Huna vs Steve Bosse – Bosse @ 15/8

bosseBosse put the 1st round KO loss from his UFC debut firmly in the rear view mirror by sparking Te-Huna out with a beautiful short right hook. Bosse stood over the face-planted Te-Huna screaming victoriously, but there was no need for any follow up shots. Clean knock out win for Bosse.

Dan Kelly vs Antonio Carlos Junior – Kelly @ 4/1

The 1st round was complete domination on the ground by Antonio Carlos Junior, AKA Shoe Face. Kelly showed a lot of resilience fighting off multiple choke attempts and almost succumbed to an arm bar in the dying seconds of the round. As the 2nd round got underway, it was becoming clear why Shoe Face was such a big favourite. He’s the better striker and on the ground its BJJ World Champion vs BJJ Purple Belt. Kelly was going to have to find something extraordinary to win this. That said, Shoe Face’s double leg attempts were slowing down and he was finding it harder to hold Kelly down as the fight went on. The 3rd round opened up with Shoe Face landing an accidental knee to the groin, but Kelly barely took any recovery time. He wanted to get after it and in the following clinch, he lifted and threw Shoe Face, landing a kick to the head in the melee. Shoe Face attempted a double leg, but ended up on the bottom. Dan Kelly unloaded everything he had and got the TKO stoppage. Wow!! I’d started to say goodbye to my bet, but the Gambling Gods must be on my side tonight. One bet in the bag. Ch-Ching.

Jake Matthews vs Johnny Case – Matthews @ 4/5

The 1st round was almost entirely a close kickboxing match with Matthews landing the majority of the eye-catching shots. The 2nd round added in some grappling that was just as competitive as the stand-up. Matthews landed a couple of heavy body kicks which were the difference in the round. In the 3rd, Case started to slow down a little, possibly as a result of the continued body shots. Just as it looked like we were heading to the judges for a decision, Matthews took Case’s back and worked hard for a choke that got the tap. A well-earned win for Jake Matthews.

Neil Magny vs Hector Lombard – Magny @ 8/11

magny 1Lombard landed an early punch combo that stunned Magny. There was a prolonged ferocious barrage on the ground and I’m sure Magny went out a couple of times. He showed incredible heart to survive and for the last minute of the round, Magny looked the much fresher on the feet. The opening couple of minutes of the 2nd round was all Magny, as he started to utilise his reach and speed advantage, but mid-way through the round, a huge straight left from Lombard dropped him. Rather than pound on Magny, Lombard attempted a leg lock which cost him position. Magny almost finished the fight with a triangle choke, but had to settle for beating the hell out of Lombard for the remainder of the round. Magny took the fight straight back to the ground with ease at the start of the 3rd round, mounted, and resumed the battering he was handing out before the break. Ref Steve Percival had finally seen enough and stepped in to award the fight to Magny by TKO. Fantastic performance.

Mark Hunt vs Frank Mir – Hunt @ 4/7

huntNot much to say about the Main Event. Mark Hunt seemed to be working Frank Mir like a puppet. Every punch or feint he threw was getting a reaction and he was reading what he saw to get his timing down. A few heavier shots started to go in, then at just short of 3 minutes, we were treated to a classic walk-off Mark Hunt KO from a crushing right hand. There was a delayed reaction from ref Marc Goddard as Mir lay on his back staring at the ceiling, but Hunt knew it was over.

So hopefully, lots of you got on both bets with me and are sat wondering what to spend your winnings on. If not, see you back here before the next event and I’ll tell you where my money’s going, and maybe you’ll join me then.

Bet Payout

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